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Absolute Graphics, Inc. is without a doubt your one-stop shop for screen printing T-shirts and promotional materials (schwag), and custom embroidery. We can work from your brand logo, your original artwork, and other artwork, or our creative art and design team can handcraft custom artwork for you. Our capabilities include four-color and simulated process, discharge, spot color, and other specialized screen printing methods.

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Absolute Graphics opened its doors in 2001 as a one-stop screen-printing, embroidery, and promotional products shop. We’re a family owned and operated company located in the vibrant city of Fort Collins, in colorful Colorado. We are also a fully licensed vendor for Colorado State University. Our expertise is focused on the design and production of high quality, fashion, and custom decorated T-shirts and other apparel for clubs, organizations, sports teams, businesses, and individuals.

From concept to creation, our full-service art department and our full-time staff do all our work in our Fort Collins brick-and-mortar location. That way we can ensure our local customers of a collaborative effort with personalized attention, a superior level of service, and a seamless ordering and production process of your customized screen printed shirts and promotional products. We also have an inviting showroom in our Northern Colorado facility, complete with shipping and receiving services, and a friendly, full-time staff who have answers to all your questions and offer assistance. 

Our full-service art department can conjure up any kind of design or artwork, everything from basic typesetting to a full logo and corporate package, or to a creative ensemble for your organization. We stock an extensive library of public domain clip art with free images you may use, reproduce, and incorporate into all your customized shirts and promotional items.

We work with all kinds of surfaces and fabrics, though we prefer to sell our particular brands of garments, mainly because we are familiar with the fabrics and how they respond to our inks and processes. Still, we’re happy to make accommodations for customer provided goods, because we understand there may be circumstances when it’s better for you to purchase blanks and bring them to us for production.


About Us

No Request Too Unique

Nothing is too big, too small, or too abstract. If you want it, we’ll do it. And when we’re finished, you’ll be quite pleased with our attention to detail, our creativity, and our top-of-line quality. If you can think it, we can make it.

Lets Get In Touch

We carry so many products, and there are so many ways we can customize them for your needs, you will undoubtedly have questions for us—and we’re happy to answer every one of them. We welcome you to drop by our facility and showroom for a chance to gain some ideas you might not have considered, or drop us a message on our contact page. We’ll get back to you as quickly as possible!