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Embroidery is a method of artistic reproduction dating to the Warring States period of ancient China (5th – 3rd century B.C.). Using a needle and thread, a pattern is sewn into the garment resulting in anything from a basic to a very complicated and intricate design. Today’s production is achieved through a process where the artist digitizes the artwork or text, and then an embroiderer hoops, sews, cleans, and finishes the design.

With over 20 years’ experience in Fort Collins t-shirt embroidery and custom hats, the staff at AGI has gotten pretty good at it. We take great pride in each step of the process and you can be assured that your product will have the upscale look and feel that you would expect from custom embroidered shirts, logo apparel, company shirts, or custom embroidered hats.



Digitizing is the first step for embroidery. Different than creating a digital file, digitizing is the process of taking the original artwork and converting it to a sew file that our embroidery machine can read. Using specialized computer software, the artist uses a series of different run, fill, and satin stitches to create a reproduction of the artwork, which we then sew on a piece of test fabric to verify size, color, pull compensation, and final quality. Despite being outsourced to offshore companies pretty regularly, we do our digitizing in house which gives us the best quality and most control of our work.

Hooping & Sewing

Hooping & Sewing

Hooping is where the garment is sandwiched between the two pieces of a round or square hoop in order to create a flat and taunt sew area at the proper location for the design. Normally an additional piece of non-woven fabric called “backing” is added to help stabilize the fabric to avoid any bunching, pulling, or distortion in the design. The garments are then clipped into the machine and sewn automatically while the embroiderer checks for thread breaks, stripped thread, mis-registration, or any other problems, while also hooping the garments for the next run.

Cleaning & Finishing

Cleaning & Finishing

Cleaning and finishing is the last step for Fort Collins t-shirt embroidery and custom hats. The embroider un-hoops the garment and sprays a fine mist of water over the impression the hoop has made into the fabric, also known as hoop burn, in order to “erase” the impression. The embroiderer will also trim any extra or loose threads remaining on the design, as well as the excess backing around the edges of the back of the design, and then do a final inspection for quality control. The shirt is then folded, counted, and made ready for the customer.

More Information about Emroidery

One of the unique things about our Fort Collins t-shirt and hat embroidery is that there are infinite ways to achieve the goal of reproducing a particular logo or artwork to achieve a specific look. Whether digitizing for puff, using a specialty thread like metallic or neon, using special fill patterns for texture and reflection properties, or simply making a thread selection based on shirt color for a simple tonal design, we here at Absolute Graphics are great at achieving results that give that little extra pizazz to your design. Classy t-shirt embroidery, big bold jacket backs, or custom hats suited to fashion headwear are all normal parts to our day in Fort Collins, and the high quality artistic reproduction of designs using thread as a medium is one of the most satisfying parts of our job.


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