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Promotional products, also known as Advertising Specialty Items (ASI), are the backbone of many marketing and appreciation campaigns. Usually purchased in high volume but at a smaller per piece price point, they’re suitable as gift items and for other distribution programs where the buyer is usually not reselling the goods. There are literally hundreds of thousands of promotional products and advertising specialties to choose from to suit any need in Fort Collins, and many different decoration processes too. Please see our industry specific search engine below to find the products you’re interested in, or otherwise feel free to contact us with an idea of what you’re looking for and we’ll help find and source the perfect gift item for you.



Trade shows, summer festivals, concerts, farmers markets, employment fairs, school outings, and community gatherings, are all examples of events where you’re likely to see promotional products in use. Organizers of these types of events may provide items free or at a minimal cost with the intention of promoting and enhancing the experience of the event.



Many organizations like to use promotional products as a way to show their gratitude. Be it employee awards, a customer appreciation campaign, or seasonal giveaways, there are a lot of options to build a program around. From low cost fun items to high end display quality pieces, we can source the right item for you!



At the end of the day, most advertising specialty merchandise is being used for one thing, marketing. Whether promoting a company, product, person, or idea, these items are distributed through direct mailings, as sales aids, and for self-promotion, with the intention of getting a message across and fostering a sense of goodwill.

More About Promotional Products

Deciding on a great promotional products and advertising specialties can be a daunting task for our Fort Collins customers. There are so many styles and colors and shapes and sizes to choose from that sometimes the job can be overwhelming. Some of the factors that will need to be considered are the usage of the item, total quantity needed, the price point they need to be produced at, the color, the artwork, and the due date. One overriding factor that we like to point out is to choose a product that the end user will be excited to receive and will continue to be used used on a regular basis, giving maximum exposure to the message being presented. Let our qualified and experienced staff help you with your search for that perfect item. We can give ideas based on what’s worked for us and others in the past, and with our extensive network of suppliers and advanced industry specific search tools we’re in a great position to help make purchasing an easy and rewarding experience.


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